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Women's Soccer World Cup | Public Viewing and more

       24. June 2011       

The women's soccer world cup starts this Sunday, June 26. Here are 14 top locations for public broadcasts of the games.

Although seats at the Olympia Stadion are completely sold out, die-hard soccer fans have ample opportunity to watch this year's women's soccer cup on screens throughout Berlin. Hundreds of Berliners will come together between June 26 and July 18 to cheer on the German team. Many places will also be showing preliminary rounds.

Cassiopeia Sommergarten

Cassiopeia's dedication ranges beyond sports. The “Frauen am Ball” action committee has started a campaign for women's rights across the world, with musical and dance performances and discussion groups and last, but not least, live broadcasts of the women's world cup.

Revaler Straße 99, Berlin-Friedrichshain, www.cassiopeia-berlin.de

11 Freundinnen WM-Quartier

While fans were blowing their Vuvuzuela's over at the Astra Kulturhaus last summer, the festivities have shifted across the Spree to Lido this year. Here, exhibitions, concerts, quiz games and discussion groups will accompany the group games and finals of the women's soccer world cup 2011.

Lido, Cuvrystraße 7, Berlin-Kreuzberg, www.lido-berlin.de


Schwalbe is a proper sports bar equipped with three canvas and two television screens, ensuring omnidirectional access to the game. There's also a foosball table for ambitious players.

Stargarder Straße 10, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, www.schwalbeberlin.de

Metaxa Bay + Playa Paradiso

The recently opened Metaxa Bay boasts a 16 square meter screen and an excellent sound system, as well as pizza, currywurst and Bavarian dishes for fans and even a small pool. It's centrally located, directly next to Berlin Central Station. Those looking for a more homely atmosphere should head over to the Playa Paradiso in Charlottenburg – there are only three flatscreens but they've got foosball!

Metaxa Bay: Invalidenstr. 78, Berlin-Mitte, www.metaxabay.de

Playa Paradiso, Goslarer Ufer 1, Berlin-Charlottenburg

Cosmo Lounge

You've never heard of the Cosmo-Lounge? Few Berliners have. That's because it's located on the roof of the Baxpax Downtown Hostel around the corner from Oranienburger Straße, an area typically devoid of Berlin natives. This rooftop offers not only an amazing view across the Spree but also a foosball table, BBQ fare and public viewing. While the big screen is usually reserved for games of the FC Barcelona only, this year's WM luckily marks a 14 day exception.

Ziegelstraße 28, Berlin-Mitte, www.cosmo-lounge.net


The Bundespressestrand was so popular at last year's world cup that the lines were endless. Some people set up camp with beers and currywurst at the stand across the street and peered across the fence at the gigantic LED-screen. This year, the BPS will offer food from the countries playing that night as well as their infamous LED screen and numerous other screens.

Kapelle-Ufer 1, Berlin-Mitte, www.derbundespressestrand.de


This family-friendly restaurant and beergarden has a playground and miniature golf facility on site for those kids still to wee to follow the games on tv.

Carl-Herz-Ufer 34, Berlin-Kreuzberg, www.brachvogel-berlin.de

Frannz Club

A place for tranquile Prenzlauer Bergers to relax – games will be shown at the Frannz restaurant and outside on the Kulturbrauerei's courtyard.

Schönhauser Allee 36, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, www.frannz.de

Vogt's Bierexpress

Public Viewing for beerlovers. Vogt's is right around the corner from Curry 36 and (important!) a taxi stand. The wide selection of beers should satisfy even high maintenance beer connosseurs.

Mehringdamm 32/34, Berlin-Kreuzberg, www.vogts-bierexpress.de


Hoppetosse, Arena Club and Badeschiff are all in the loop, with free public viewing save for the Badeschiff's regular admission fees. The Arena has announced colorful celebrations in light of the world cup.

Eichenstraße 4, Berlin-Treptow, www.arena-berlin.de

FC Magnet

A household name for serious soccer fans, the FC Magnet will broadcast every game on several screens.

Veteranenstraße 26, Berlin-Mitte, www.fcmagnetbar.de

Play am Hauptbahnhof

Let's put it this way – “Play” probably wouldn't be our bar of choice on a regular Saturday night. But it's right by Hauptbahnhof, has a 10 square meter screen and more than enough space for everyone to be able to watch the game from almost any angle.  

Washingtonplatz 1, Berlin-Mitte, www.play-berlin.de

Unrivalled: Flughafen Tempelhof

It's no public viewing, but a nice prelude to the upcoming women's soccer world cup nonetheless. Teams from community centers, schools and social projects from Berlin, Brandenburg and six other countries will play on the former airport's tarmac runway. There will also be karaoke by Joe Hatchiban, as well as breakdancing, capoeira and beatboxing.

June 24-26, Flughafen Tempelhof


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