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Turkish Literature Festival | Of Books and Men

       28. March 2012       

The Turkish DilDile literature festival was launched on March 23 at Volksbühne.

The Arab Spring in all of its facets is still making headlines across the world. All eyes are on Turkey, a country that holds significant potential to act as a negotiator for democracy debates between Arab countries.

This year's Turkish literature festival DilDile has placed a special focus on the issue; The festival's official slogan is: "Bruch. Umbruch. Aufbruch!" (Rupture.Turmoil. Decampment!)  "The Arab revolution won't leave Turkey unaffected" explained Claudia Johann, one of the festival's organizers. The festival opening featured speeches by Syrian author Samar Yazbek and Turkish publicist Tanil Bora on Turkey's role in the Arab world..

Another one of the festival's key subjects is the societal and political status of life in contemporary Turkey. Journalist Maike Albath interviewed the young author Hakan Gündey and publicist Nermin Mollaoğlu. The festival aims to encourage intercultural dialogues and also wants to raise awareness about the role of women in Turkey.

This will be the second time that Turkish authors and newcomers present and discuss their texts in Berlin. "The most controversial aspect of it is trying to establish Turkey as a diverse country to people living in Berlin and Germany, instead of a place that we like to categorize according to outdated ideas and attributes," said Claudia Johann.


March 23 - 31

Volksbühne at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Linienstraße 227, Berlin-Mitte

Ticket-Hotline +49 30 24 06 57 77


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