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At the Bar

Better drinking | Bar food in Berlin

       17. March 2016       

Whoever likes to snack while drinking without missing out on the coziness und simplicity of a bar has reason to be excited: Bar food has finally arrived in Berlin. Lena van Ginkel visited three places setting the trend.

Thanks to its dark wood and fascinating floral wallpaper, Tulus Lotrek puts guests in a relaxing mood as soon as they walk through the door. Contributing to that laid-back feeling is Ilona Scholl, whose wit and attentiveness make her the perfect bartender.

In the kitchen, chef Maximilian Strohe is the one making sure guests have something to pad their stomaches while enjoying a drink or two. The idea behind the restaurant‘s bar menu was to offer small dishes that really "go all out," said Strohe – hence the spare ribs in sugar beet syrup and pepper, or a spin on ceviche featuring salmon, juniper and blackberries. 

Bespoken coolness

Industry Standard‘s most distinct feature is visible even from the outside — through a large window, visitors can peer into an open kitchen where chefs and waiters prepare the food and drinks. Whether from a restaurant table or a bar seat, patrons can get a glimpse of the professional and relaxed Industry Standard team as it moves around the kitchen while they try one of the many wines on the menu.

"We make sure to use local, high-quality ingredients for all of our dishes without being fanatic about it," says Ramses Manneck, one of the restaurant‘s four owners.

A plate of sardines with Payoyo cheese, red peppers and eggplant puree emerges from the kitchen looking like a piece of art and is brought directly to the bar. With its intense flavor, this dish pairs perfectly with a drink.

An Italian classic

The Italian aperitivo is bar food in its original form. At Bar Milano, things are done much the same as they are in Milan — not suprising when one considers that Kappa, the owner, spent 15 years there, where he met his wife and bar co-owner. In typical Italian bar style, wine or cocktails are accompanied by plates with food to nibble on, the aperitivo.

"In Milan, people usually meet after work and before dinner with friends for a little wine or a typical Italian drink in an aperitivo bar," says Kappa. Bruschetta with Parma ham, marinated eggplant and Italian cheese are usually the munchies found at such meetups.

The food's not meant "to fill you up, but instead to accompany the drink," explains Kappa, "and nuts definitely aren't anywhere to be found!" 

To read the original German version of this article, click here.


Tulus Lotrek, Fichtestraße 24, Kreuzberg, Tues. through Sat. from 7 p.m., Tel. 030 41 95 66 87, www.tuluslotrek.de


Industry Standard, Sonnenallee 83, Neukölln, Wed. through Sun. 6 to 11 p.m., Brunch Sat. and Sun. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tel. 030 62 72 77 32, www.industry-standard.de


Bar Milano, Brunnenstraße 11, Mitte, Mon. through Sat. from 5 p.m. to midnight, Tel. 030 47 37 70 11


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