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Tom Liwa spielt Gitarre, singt und

schreibt seit ca. 35 Jahren Songs u.a.

mit der Band Flowerpornoes. Derzeit

entsteht ein neues Album der Band und

heute spielt er um 21 Uhr im Roten Salon.


Latest News

Berlinale 2014
       06. February 2014       

What did you just eat?

The pork sandwich from this streetfood truck.

Did you like it?

It was awesome.

Which movie...

       31. January 2014       

He wanted nothing to do with it. The vineyard of Stephan Joachim’s father wasn’t really his thing. So after 40 years, Richard Joachim leased out his vineyard. But somehow it moved Stephan that the...

       31. January 2014       

‘l turned 40 last year. I wanted to stop talking about what I wanted to do and finally do it!’ And then everything came together. A sommelier certificate and empty rooms in the Gormannstraße...

       31. January 2014       

Concept chef Stefan Hartmann has created a cuisine in the new hotel at the Steinplatz that above all, wins you over with its regional ingredients. These look (and taste) especially good with the...

       31. January 2014       

‘I didn’t want any red walls, any lampions, and no incense sticks!“ Nam Cao Hoai is very firm when he’s talking about the interior design of his restaurant. In 2008 he opened Dudu in the Torstraße...

       31. January 2014       

He’s got staying power. And he hasn’t just proved that as a marathon runner. Michael Kempf already had a Michelin star when he began his Berlin career. ‘A fast pace, the furious sprint, that’s not...

       16. January 2014       

Endorphina bread is sold in organic shops and cafés, at the weekly market at Markthalle Neun, and in their own shop in Neukölln. Here in the second rear yard of old commercial buildings you can...

       15. January 2014       

The man is a perfect advert for successful cattle breeding. The corpulent and eloquent Australian David Warmoll is touring Europe. And Michael Böhnke, head chef from Grill Royal, doesn’t want to...

       14. January 2014       

The Dean Bar is Mario Grünenfelder’s newest baby. Straight, clear lines and reflective surfaces characterize the room. Dark gray walls. Black marble bar. Mirrored ceiling. This is a dance bar so...

       14. January 2014       

In the Long March Canteen Johanna Jester has now gained a skilled backup with Simone Fischer. Both knew each other through the Berlin ‘Asia-connection’ in gastronomy. As Jester was thinking about...

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Berlin Fashion Week in Retrospect
       13. July 2012       

There was a synthetic thunderroll and blazing spotlights as the first model descended into the vacant, blue-tiled pool at one of this year's Fashion Week's last events. What a finale! The designs...

       28. June 2012       

When designer and performance artist Cantemir Gheorghiu walked into a club wearing a pair of cardboard glasses, he really just wanted to ridicule the current nerd glasses trend in Berlin. But when...


Tango dancers at Gleisdreieck Park Tango dancers at Gleisdreieck Park
       26. October 2011       

Since it opened in September, the park at Gleisdreieck has been subjected to quite a number of critical attacks. It's been deemed “too clean” or “too technocratic” by many. Shortly after the...

Luisa Weiss, author of  “The Wednesday Chef", blogging from a market. Luisa Weiss, author of  “The Wednesday Chef", blogging from a market.
       11. January 2012       

New York City, 2002. In order to compensate for her professional discontentment, 29-year old Julie Powell decides to cook all recipes in the cook book-giant “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”...

der Fritz

       08. June 2011       

Just recently, an acute case of bronchitis prompted me to set up an appointment at my doctor's office across town. Although I had left Prenzlauer Berg for surburban Steglitz at a time when other...

A handcrafted pin cushion at Bill & Em A handcrafted pin cushion at Bill & Em
       04. May 2011       

Bill & Em in Mitte is home to handcrafted plush bunnies, tiny dresses and nursing cushions. Forget off-the-rack – Mitte's League of Creatives forms the client base here, with shopkeeper Billa...


       18. April 2012       

The name of the place is a hommage to a design shop that used to reside at the same spot on Linienstraße in Mitte. Exiled Austrians have turned the former shop into a...

       25. June 2012       

If a wine dealer wants to offer a glass of wine to his customers at night, there are several senseless hurdles he faces in the jungle of German bureaucracy. Sure, safety always comes...


       17. June 2012       

Independent curators Verity Oberg, Inken Bornhold and Leah Stuhlgrager recently discovered this five story, 1924 built brick building in Kreuzberg along with the potential a place like it...

       08. June 2012       

Why are all the floors so clean? “Indians are obsessed with the cleanliness of their floors. They are constantly sweeping them,” says Torben Höke, a young photographer that looks 22...


       25. April 2012       

Prof. Robert Thurman, a scholar, author, former Tibetan Buddhist monk, is a close personal friend of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, father of five children including the actress, Uma Thurman,...

Fair Trade Coffee
       03. May 2012       

   It's hard to imagine Berlin's hotels and restaurants without these two. Not only have they introduced the German capital to Austrian coffee house culture, they're...